"Delivering value for our business partners through service excellence, transparency and a commitment to your success."

About Us


Our Values   

Our core mission is to work with our clients to demonstrate the leadership that will help them to solve important challenges, both strategic and operational.  Our ultimate goal is not to encourage them to build reliance on external expertise, but instead to enable them to utilize their investment in talent and build the capabilities with which they can help themselves.   We do this by investing time and effort to build trust and partnership through honest, fair and transparent business practices. While it may sometimes seem antiquated, we believe sincerely that “our word is our bond,” and we are stubbornly determined to commit to the hard work and perseverance necessary to honour that pledge.    

Our Focus   

1. Professional Services including Exchange Migration Services

2. Datacenter and In-Building Solutions Design

3.  Project Management


This combination allows us to fulfil our commitment to deliver proven and pragmatic solutions in areas that we well know and understand.   Our passion for helping people has naturally driven a passion for healthcare, a sector in which we have built recognized knowledge and expertise through our dedicated efforts over more than a decade. Although this remains our primary passion and focus, our reputation for the way we do business has attracted interest from a wide range of sectors, so we are always receptive to new ideas and challenges.   

Our Commitment   

The bottom line is this:  We are confident that no one will work harder, and honour your business more earnestly, than ATC. You have our word on it, and that means everything to us.  

Our Services


Professional Services

Datacenter and In-Building Solutions

Datacenter and In-Building Solutions

ATC offers a variety of services to our clients, each customized to fit their specific needs. Are you an organization who lacks the technical staff to meet project timelines and objectives?  Whether your requirement is for SCCM configuration, an Exchange Migration or Network support, ATC can provide the right resource for the right project.


Datacenter and In-Building Solutions

Datacenter and In-Building Solutions

Datacenter and In-Building Solutions

Building a technology roadmap requires collaboration, industry insights and the right partners working together to help meet your business objectives.  ATC has the resources, industry knowledge and technology partners to help your organization.


Project Management

Datacenter and In-Building Solutions

Project Management

Project Management is the path to project success.  ATC has the experience and  project governance model to deliver your IT projects seamlessly, on-time and on budget.


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